Churches of Umbria

This orientation page links, directly or indirectly, to several hundred churches throwout the region. If this just has the effect of making you feel lost — for example, if you’re planning a first trip to Umbria and are wondering what to see — you should see my “Top 30” : The Essential Churches of Umbria.

Gazetteer of Italy — currently a few hundred mostly non-Roman pages of churches, frescoes, etc. — is my own favorite part of the site. Churches of Italy section, which currently (12/21/09) covers 652 churches in 385 pages and 1457 photos; plus, quite separately, three entire books on the churches of Rome, covering about 900 of them, past and present, in great detail. (The merest drop in a bucket, by the way: Italy’s churches present and past must number at least 500,000.)


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