Italy Travelguide

The purpose of Italy Travelguide is to let you get to know many exceptional Italian destinations, little-known or off the paths of mass tourism. Italy Travelguide is an open publication and is continually growing, and it hosts the photos of the Rural Journey archives and other photos that have been chosen to contribute to this project.
If you take professional or semi-professional photographs, and if you would like to contribute to the growth of Italy Travelguide, contact us for further information.


Mountains, sea, islands; splendid cities of art, ideal for every vacation


Art, spirit, culture, recreation in the sweet green hills painted by Raffaello


From mountains to sea, fascinating landscapes; cities rich in art; hospitality


Not only Rome, but cities of art, lovely villas, nature, monasteries, abbeys…


Beaches of the Adriatic and the peaks of the Apennines, a region to discover


An island, but nearly a continent, with unique nature, history and culture.


Fabulous land of treasures containing a heart of fire in the legendary Vesuvius


The longest Italian region, ever-changing landscapes, sea, hills, genial people


New Destinations!!!

Northern Italy

From Mount Bianco to the Lagoon of Venezia, an area with a thousand faces

Southern Italy

Sun sea islands archaeology nature hospitality and culture for a full vacation

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