The Franciscans 

The term Franciscan is most commonly used to refer to members of Catholic religious orders, founded by Saint Francis of Assisi. As well as Roman Catholic there are also small Old Catholic and Anglican Franciscan communities. It can also be applied to ideals he inspired in many movements in the modern age. The most prominent group is the Order of Friars Minor (commonly called simply the “Franciscans”). They seek to follow most directly the manner of life the Saint led. This Order—actually divided among three separate groups—is a mendicant religious order of men tracing their origin to Francis of Assisi. The three separate groups, each considered a religious order in its own right, are the Observants, most commonly simply called “Franciscan friars,” the Capuchins, and the Conventual Franciscans. They all live according to a body of regulations known as “The Rule of St. Francis”. READ MORE

Contents {Wikipidia Encyclopedia}


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